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Highlights for the 2015 Season

Radko Limited Editions

As perennial favorite amongst collectors and fans alike, each year Radko introduces a handful of limited edition pieces. The famous purple tag with the starlight symbol indicates that not only is the ornament genuine Radko, it is a limited edition. Limited edition ornaments are produced for this year only and are numbered. Highly sought out, Radko limited editions usually sell out before November, and we’re unable to procure more. For this year, we’re in love with Midnight Trip. We're also able to offer a rare discount on an over-purchase of The Perfect Scene which showcases the very best of the Radko Santa tradition. The three dimensional details, much more than bas relief, requires separately created, hand molded pieces formed together while still near-molten hot. A labor of great skill and care, this ornament is truly one-of-a-kind, and captures all the thrill of quietly sneaking in with abundant gifts for young and old.

Radko’s Annual Designer Choice Ornament

Each year, Joseph Walden, design director at Radko, along with Mario Tare, let their hearts sore beyond the marketplace, beyond statistic, beyond niche designs, and hit the drawing boards with joy in their hearts to come up with what they consider the quintessential Radko ornament. It needs to encompass the very best of sculpting, it needs to embrace the broad pallet of classic Radko colorations, superb glitter work, and most of all make everyone who sees it smile. This year’s designer choice is showcased here: For All the Girls and Boys. To learn more about the creative genius behind all of today's Radko designs, visit Radko's creative team.

Radko Little Gems 2014

By the time the last of the children are out of the house, grown and gone on their own, we frequently turn our attention to downsizing. At some point, the 10-foot or even taller Christmas tree seems extreme for "just the two of us" to enjoy. Smaller, even tabletop trees still bring great joy and maintain the Christmas spirit throughout the house. For collectors, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without at least one of the newest, exciting designs from Radko. And to this end, Radko produces smaller ornaments in the 2-4"H category for trees ranging from just two and half feet tall up through around 5 feet. These smaller ornaments cover the entire range of Radko themes and are marketed as Radko little gems. Each is a treasure unto itself, and features miniature, meticulous hand painting, I for one, need spectacles to fully see. They're also offered at a wonderful gifting price point of around $25-$30.00.

Radko Santa Ornaments 2014

For our customers who collect Radko Santas, we're often asked to pick up the best of the best. Whether you purchase a Santa every year or every other year, we try to buy their very best, and then recommend the top of the line Santa design. For 2014, we believe it's this one: Into the Starry Night . We love four- and five-piece molded designs. They're extremely rare and very difficult to do in blown glass. Into the Starry Night is several 3-dimensional pieces fused together while still nearly glowing red to create an extraordinary masterpiece.

Christopher Radko Ornaments – A Note from Roberta

While we try to buy with a specific purpose to each ornament in mind, some of our Radko Christmas ornaments are simply spectacular personalized and defy individual categorization. In these cases, I've shown these ornaments as a subcategory called Christopher Ornaments. We've also added new Radko finial and ornament stands. I always love to hear from my customers. When you have a chance or feel like doing so, please drop me an email at any time. I love your comments, suggestions, requests and compliments!

I sincerely thank you for visiting our Christmas shop, and wish you and your family a very merry Radko Christmas!

Roberta Robertson and Staffs

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